Monday, September 21, 2009

You are Inspirational - Baby Blog

Welcome to You Are Inspirational!

Today, I would like to feature :

This site is filled with day to day memories of a little princess :) I love the photos Bambie has captured... its filled with emotions and the post are very interesting to read. I am constantly reminded that we should never take simple milestones for granted... For time passes by too quickly and soon our babies are all grown up!

Bambie, you are truly inspirational to moms like me! :D You did a great job documenting your little princess life :D



Denise said...

Great blog.

Seiko said...

I agree!From time to time I'm reading Bambis site too & really inspired by this young ladys great documenting of her darling Azumi chan.
Mine's here...

Have an inspirational Monday to you Chris!:D

Yami said...

I also read Bambi's site. Its amazing how she documents her cute daughter's development. Truly inspirational. :)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

Thanks Denise, Mommy Seiko, Momy Yami and to you MOmmy Chris =) I really really appreciate this recognition =) thanks so much, nakaka-touch pala ma-feature dito.. thanks so much =) More power