Monday, March 12, 2012

I.T. Work

Before I became a stay at home mom, I used to work as an Information Technology (I.T.) Professional. I started off as a customer support specialist until I became an applications support specialist. I also did a bit of web development and software testing and installation. I remember that there are many types of software testing which includes performance testing, platform compatibility testing, and content testing. Nowadays, there are separate companies who specialize in quality assurance testing services. They provide product development services and quality check and testing as well. This will save time and effort for the company who needs to support a rather large corporation.

Having an I.T. background, I think going back to the I.T. field after not working for more than 8 years is difficult. Hopefully, something is waiting for me in the software support area. But who knows what kind of opportunities the Lord has in store for me?

The 10 Best Decisions A Woman Can Make

I was looking for a book that I wanted to give to a friend who was in her 20s and has her life ahead of her. I wanted one that would speak to her and help her evaluate her life. So I headed out to OMF Literature Book shop and found this book!

The 10 Best Decisions A Woman Can Make is written by Pam Farrel. Pam challenges women to make decisions instead of just allowing life to drift by. She begins by challenging women to assess how they view their significance. Every decision she would make is based on how she views herself and it is important that she has the proper view about herself. A significant woman bases her identity on who God says she is, and not on what she does.

Living an intentional life is not easy and Pam Farrel challenges us to do just that in every area in our lives. We need to be authentic, know what is the truth, maximize ourselves, live by love, take good care of our selves, be successful in every season of our life and leave a lasting legacy. This book speaks to women across the different seasons of their lives and wonderfully makes one realize that each season is as special as the next one.

Each chapter ends with decision points, questions that will help every woman evaluate the current state of her life and how she wants to proceed. It is most beneficial to read through this book with the intention of making changes in one's life.

I recommend this book to women who want to make a difference and live their lives meaningfully.

Note: I personally bought this book and I am not compensated for this review.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Gift Giving

Early this year, I created a list of personal goals. As I identified my personal mission statement, I was able to come up with a list of goals related to my mission statement. 2 months have gone by and I am glad that I have been able to accomplish much already.

One of my goals is to bless others, through books and gifts. I want to share God's blessings to others and make life more meaningful. I found out about Ikea gift cards and thought they would make great gifts. I personally love to shop at Ikea stores. They offer lots of stuff for the home and personal stuff that makes me smile! It is a a good thing that Gift Rocket offers Ikea gift cards. I can give something personalized yet it still gives the recipients the flexibility of buying what they really want.

I pray that through these gifts, people will appreciate God and what He is doing in their lives.

Insight On Struggles

There are days that circumstances, doubt and weakness seem to overcome us, but it is during these trials that we see God at work in our lives. We see how mighty, how loving and how faithful He has really been through it all. Through the struggles of our lives, we see the whole picture and realize that we can never do it on our own. Then we see how big our God really is and how small and futile everything else is.

During turbulent times, we need to find rest in Him and wait upon God. He shall surely see us through.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Detox Cleansing Diet

Our spiritual life is important. We need to take care of it by reading the Word of God, praying and going on a spiritual retreat to refresh our faith. Our physical bodies also need such care. We need to eat the right amount of food, get enough rest and exercise regularly. But with the way life has been progressing over the years, there are many diseases and people get sick more easily. Even young people get sick because of improper diet and lack of proper body care. People tend to overuse their bodies and not get enough rest.

It is important that we learn about body cleansing. The body we use probably has gained many toxins over the years and it can not properly operate because of all the junk inside.
Before it is too late, let us start with a detox cleanse diet . We can learn more about the clean program by watching some videos over YouTube or reading some texts.

The detox cleanse diet would first focus on removing toxins from your body. Then it will eventually help you build healthy eating habits. It is not meant as a cure to diseases but it certainly helps our body operate more efficiently.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays - Pure and Holy


Here is one of my favorite songs. Pure and Holy by Parachute Band. It is an old song already, I first heard it more than 10 years ago. Every time I hear it now, I still love it. Love the message of the song.