Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday # 13

Thank you Lord for another week of your faithfulness!

This week I am thankful for...

My hubby who is thinking and praying about going full time as a pastor.

My little girl who joined the presentation at school.

The first sunset we witnessed as a family this Monday.

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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Denise said...

Such precious blessings.

Pia said...

oh so beautiful!

LAURIE said...

Loved the pictures and what a huge step of faith as you and your husband pray for direction about being pastors. My husband is an ordained minister and as much as God called him to ministry, God also put a calling on me. I pray that God will lead and direct both of you. -Happy TT!

Seiko said...

Countless Blessing to thank Him.

Nancie said...

Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. May God guide your husband and your family as you seek His direction.

Mylene said...

You are truly blessed mommy. I love the pictures of the sunset ;) May God's perfect will be upon your husband.

I have added this link of yours few months ago, would it be possible that you also add mine? Online Mommy's Corner -

Thank you in advance ;)

Rita T. said...

Great blessings. The pictures are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!