Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Milestone!

I can’t believe it! My 2 year old can now sing the alphabet song! I heard him sing it on his own this afternoon when I asked him to sing the alphabet song. Though there are still some unclear letters, he was able to sing the majority of the song! It was a waste that I wasn’t able to capture it on video though.

Where has the time gone? I still remember buying nursery furniture, activity sets and infant clothing for him. Now, he is more interested in toys and books. He also loves to choose his own clothes now. He wants to pick his own shirts from the cabinet. Sometimes, he also chooses clothes for his sister too! He certainly has grown! I think it is time to share or keep most of the baby and toddler products lying in their room.

These are the bittersweet moments of a mother’s journey.


Mommy Jes said...

wow he can sing it na?? ehehe my son can sing it na too but bulol kasi ehehhe =0 eheheheh d bale sana makapag salita na ng maayus ang mga boys ntin ehehe

Thanks nga pala sa award!!! whoa nde ako makapaniwalang nanalo ako ahahha!!! =0 i dunno wat to do with those awards yet pero turuan mo ko ehhehe =) thnks!!! ung 5 dollars lang ang alam k gamitin eh ehehhe if i send mo sa paypal ko here's my email -