Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WFW - Mark 5:19


Do you agree with me in saying that one of the most difficult things to do is share our faith with our family? Somehow, they don't always believe in what we say. maybe because they see how we really live at home and it takes longer time for them to see the change in us!
May this verse today remind us to go back to our homes and share our faith with those precious people in our families.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Gospel According to Jesus Review


This book has been with me for a year now and it took me so many months to finish reading it for the simple fact that this book contains rich truths and thought provoking statements. Chris Seay challenges what you think you already know about "righteousness" and the "gospel". He continues to give a clear picture of man's fall because of sin and how man has been justified through Christ. Aside from the theological truths, one will also see practical tips on how to live out one's faith. This is a good book to read for new Christians and old Christians alike. The truths you will learn from this book can lead you to better understand your faith in God.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WFW - Matthew 10:22


There are days that life will seem to be filled with trials and heartaches, but we should remember, that Jesus is with us. He is faithful and He shall see us through the end.

Let us stand firm to the end!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday - God of Wonders


God is great! Sometimes, when life's trials and challenges seem TOO BIG for us, let us remember how great our God is. All of life's trials are just temporary and they shall pass. But our God will always be there for us!

This is by Third Day, one of my favorite bands....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WFW - Malachi 3:7


Throughout reading the later part of the Old Testament, I have learned that God has sent out so many warnings to the Israelites! Yet, they didn't turn to God and they had to learn the hard way.

Sometimes, we are like the Israelites too. All the warnings are in His word yet people fail to realize what they are doing is wrong and contrary to His commands. I pray that it will not be too late for us to heed His word and return to the Lord!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IT Thoughts

I have not been doing web programming for the past 10 years now. I probably have forgotten most of my programming actually. Though it was my college major, I didn't really love programming, whether for the web or programming systems.

But since I started blogging 3 years ago, my IT background was put into good use once again. Though I admit I am not a very artsy person so I didn't pursue blog theme development. I remember HTML but that's it. I enjoy using plugins instead of hard coding widgets into my blogs. I am thankful to see that there are several plugins available like jquery slider which provides Wordpress plugins which I can use for my blogs. . I like the very neat way that the images move, just like a slide show! It is very visually appealing! It can definitely make your blog more attractive. Aside from displaying your posts, you can also explain a process more visually!

I definitely am hoping for some blog theme update soon and I do plan to incorporate this widget to my sites!