Friday, February 4, 2011

You Are Inspirational!

The main reason why I put up this blog 2 years ago was because I wanted to share inspiration to others. I have featured several people and blogs in my previous "you are inspirational" posts... I also featured people who are an inspiration to others like Ninoy Aquino, Cory Aquino and Efren Penaflorida. Recently, I featured Ms. Kara David and her foundation Project Malasakit.

I realized that each one of us can inspire others with what we do, whether it is through a personal effort or through a foundation. In the coming weeks and months, you will see the badge "you are inspirational" again as I feature people who inspires us to invest in others. I will also feature foundations where we can channel our support. If you have anyone or any foundation that you would like me to feature, please let me know.

I also hope that you will join me as I will try to rally together the bloggers to go beyond blogging... and let's help others around us. I believe that each one of us can be an inspiration and bring transformation into someone else's life.


ceemee said...

This is a nice concept, Chris.

I am personally inspired by what Gandang Kalikasan Inc. does. They make natural/organic products with ingredients they bought from Philippine farmers at commercial prices. They also teach them to venture into others crops for their uses in these Human Nature brand hair and skin care products. They provide livelihood for these farmers and jobs for the ones in Gawad Kalinga. This is one reason I became a dealer. Another is that the products are great and very affordable for organic products. They are 100% Philippine-made, biodegradable so they're good for the environment and good for us since they don't contain any harmful chemicals. :-)