Monday, February 21, 2011

Spend Time With Your Children

This week’s project is:

to purposefully spend time with each of your children, one on one. If you have many children, this project may take a little longer than one week, but don’t let that get in your way of spending time individually on your children.

I almost don’t want to admit this…but I got this idea from the Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV Show. A while ago they did a series of episodes where they had a day out with each of their children to spend time alone with them.

Although, their situation didn’t end well, Michael and I have always loved this idea of purposefully setting aside time to spend together with each child individually, regularly.

So, this week, however you choose to do it, spend time alone with each of your children.

*If you do not have children yet, this can be a great opportunity to lift up your future children in prayer. Although I do not yet have children, I pray for them all the time. Even though I do not yet know them, I love them dearly and I pray for them very often!