Monday, February 7, 2011

Share Knowledge

Today is our 6th Project already for Fixing Your Heart on Titus 2.

Our project today is :

to share a book with someone, either to borrow or to keep. Have you read a great book about what it means to be a Christian woman, wife, parent? Why not share the knowledge?

This week, let’s all share a book with someone. This way, we will be spreading biblical knowledge and understanding!

Use this as an opportunity to lift up another woman who is considered “younger.” Maybe a new mom, or a new wife, or a teen young lady.

I am currently reading a real good book that I would recommend to all parents.
Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp.
I am only in chapter 5 of the book yet I have learned so much already. I learned about how my child responds to the my authority now shows how we will respond to God's authority in the future. I also learned that more than the behavior, we ought to be more concerned of the child's heart, because out of the heart, the mouth speaks. If we don't resolve the heart issue, it will just recur in the future and the lesson is not learned. I also learned that I am God's agent of change in my child's life and I am only obeying his command when I discipline my kids.

This is really a very insightful and practical book... but above all, it is very sound in its teaching. So if you are a parent out there, I recommend that you get a copy of this book!


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