Monday, February 28, 2011

You Are Inspirational, Tracey Heppner


Tracey L. Heppner is a well-known photographer who chose to migrate to the Philippines with her family because she wanted to give her gifts and talents to those who could never repay her. Let us get to know her more and be inspired to give back to others as well!

Can you briefly describe the work/life you have before coming to the Philippines?

We moved from the province of Saskatchewan, where my husband pastored and I had started my photography business in 2003, to British Columbia in 2007 with the primary goal of creating an unconventional community of faith in the metropolis of Vancouver.

I also continued my work as a wedding and lifestyle photographer, working with many of canada's leading photographers. I became one of the best second shooters in Vancouver. It was something I worked hard to be.

I co-founded a networking group for wedding photographers in 2008 and have successfully turned it over to the local photographers there. There are over 300 members.

I was voted one of vancouver's top 50 portrait photographers in 2009.

In December 2010 I was among 8 nominated for the most influential in the wedding industry in British Columbia.

My business was starting to boom again after our move from saskatchewan. It was perfect.

Why did you come to the Philippines?

I volunteer at Gentle Hands, with media. Gentle Hands is a Christian social welfare agency located in metro manila. We rescue children who are abandoned, abused, or malnourished. We are also a licensed foster/adoption agency.

I photograph everything that goes on there. I also take some of the newborns very first newborn sessions. Most likely they would never have had the opportunity to have photos taken had they not come to GH. I take photographs of the children; these photos will be precious treasures for their forever families one day.

I would like to shoot some weddings still.i do destination weddings. I love "love". My photography "business" is primarily weddings and couple lifestyle sessions.

How can we help you in what you are doing?

Let people know that they can give to Gentle Hands in not only monetary ways, but in tangible ways. We have a list of current "needs" that people can give to. Every bit of giving helps. The needs are so great.

Short message to those people who want to make a difference, just like you.

You dont have to be a "somebody". You don't have know someone who is a "somebody". You just need to be willing. There are so many people who are much worse than you. Be grateful for what you have been given and give back. You can only truly receive when you give. It's the most satisfying thing you can do.

You can see more of Tracey's work at her facebook page and her website.