Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WFW - Exodus 6:30

When God asks us to do something, most of us would often look at ourselves and reply to God with what we can not do... It is like telling God "Are you sure you want to use me God?"
We often forget that God knows who we are thoroughly and that He is a great God!
We belittle what He can do in us, through us and for us!
What a humbling reminder for me today.

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Mel said...

Wow, what a powerful message. It's so true too, I know I find myself doing it. Saying, "really? you're going to use me to do what?!" :) Thank you for the encouragement. Newest follower from WFW. Have a great day!

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Julie Arduini said...

Mel said what I feel, so powerful! Love it.

lori said...

Ahhhh yes...on more than one occasion I felt like Moses...asking God, "really, you sure you got the right gal??" Loved that you pulled this one out!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

LOL! So true! I know that i have said things like "I couldn't ever marry into the military" or "I couldn't homeschool". God has a sense of humor and showed me that I can and will! :)