Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday # 25

I am thankful that God has been providing me with quite a number of blogging opportunities so we can raise funds since school is about to begin and we need to enroll Kyla in school already.

I am also thankful that the youth camp last week went quite well. Hubby preached at the sessions and the Holy Spirit moved in each individual life.

I am thankful that someone gave me a new domain and I am maintaining 4 blogs now. Hopefully, my other blogs would also be assigned with some blogging opportunities too.

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Rocks said...

Thankful for opportunities to earn online too:)

wishing you more blessings to come!

Denise said...

May you continue to be blessed.

Martianne said...

I blog simply for fun, release and sharing at the moment, but want to learn more about blogging for other things so I might help my family -- samples, products and books to review that we can keep and use to help us with homemaking and homeschooling, financial gain so I can stop cobbling together independent contract work outside the home, whcih is stressful for all of us, once my third child arrives. I would be very grateful to you of you'd take the time to give me some tips, tried and true reosurces, advice... I would love to put the love for writing and will to share honestly that God has gifted me to use to help my family in tangible ways. Thank you!

And,. congratulations on the blessings of blogging and otherwise youa re receiving!

More Than Words said...

Wow, that's awesome! God is good.

jo.attalife said...

Wow, Chris, that's great! I pray God will bless you richly, indeed, and enlarge your territory so you can continue building His kingdom in your home, your church, and your community.
My thankful Thursday is here.