Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Car

When it comes to cars, I am not the best person to talk to you about them. I don’t really know about the latest models or best brands on the market. So when I was asked about the Chevrolet Silverado, I had to research about it on the net since I wasn’t familiar with this vehicle at all. You see, the car that we own has been with us since 2002. We love her as she is like our second home. We have been to different places together.

But lately, we have heard some noise. We definitely need to bring her to the repair shop like Dallas auto repair, because she needs to be checked out since the noise comes from the rear part. We need to have a brake job done and have our brake rotor checked.

It would be better if we can have our car replaced with a newer one since our car is almost 9 years old! Now, if only God would bless us with a new one soon!