Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Life Story With the Internet

So how has the Internet affected my life? Let’s see...

I can still remember when I started to enjoy the Internet in 1995. We just got our new computer and we had Windows 95 installed. It was a huge change from the DOS system we had before. But what is interesting is that our computer can now connect to the Internet. I was instantly hooked. I was an avid user of the BBS or Bulletin Board System and chatted the night away. I was instantly hooked and the Internet became a part of my life. I became interested in web page designing later and created my own site hosted by Geocities. Of course, it didn’t end there, I became interested to have my own domain and to find a good company who offers web site hosting.

My first work was with an ISP or Internet Service Provider. I was their client but I applied as an OJT or On-The-Job Trainee. After I graduated, I applied and work as a Technical Support Specialist but not long, I moved on to an American Telecoms company as part of their CIO or IT Team.

Now that I am a Stay At Home mom, I am glad that we have DSL connection at home. I started to blog in the year 2008 and have been enjoying it since then. Certainly, the Internet has greatly affected my life. Wouldn’t you say? How about you?