Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Home Worth Visiting

When I was younger, I wanted to become an interior designer. I loved designing houses, rooms and making a house a home. Now that I am older, I wasn’t able to fulfil that dream but I still have a part of me which is attracted to houses. But as I have learned, houses can be empty without people and when relationships aren’t thriving!

House is a structure intended for living. Home is a place where one can find comfort, love and happiness. Niko's home is definitely a place where you can be comfy, slouch on your chair and read her articles about Posh furniture for your home. Discover how she want her future house will look. See what kind kind of bed she think Yena will sleep soundly. And you can even find cool tv racks design for your LCD. If you have known Niko for her famous and sometimes naughty Girls Talk, prepare to know her domesticated side on Niko's Home.

You will be surprised to know that this office girl is also a homebody. She talk about her dream bedroom, which is actually the room she stayed in a resort in Batangas. Yo can also read about her newest portable DVD (which she bought from her prize in the biggest contest in blogniverse) and she even talks about food. Every Friday, the site publish food photos that can really make each readers drool. Make Niko's Home your everyday stop and be comfy, sit back, relax and enjoy her home.


More Than Words said...

So true. You can have the smallest place on earth, but it can be filled with love. That is a home.