Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who Inspires You?

If you are wondering where have I been? I hardly have been updating this site for the past weeks. I have been thinking of doing something new with Inspirational Insights... I want to feature people who have been giving inspiration to others whatever field they may be in. If you know of any one who fits this category or if you have a personal favorite who inspires you, do leave me a comment and your email address.

Aside from this, I have been quite busy with homeschooling my kids. It has been an exciting journey and of course, I have been reading other homeschooling blogs for more ideas too.

Anyway, hopefully, I can launch my bi-weekly project soon here at Inspirational Insights... and I hope you can be part of it!


More Than Words said...

It sounds exciting, Chris! I look forward to the change!!

I've been so busy to blog since my kids have been in school!! I'm trying to catch up!

Tetcha said...

What you're currently working on fits the theme of this blog perfectly. I'm sure it will inspire a lot of people, too!