Monday, November 1, 2010

5 Simple Things

If you are like me, your day can be cluttered. Being a homeschooling stay at home mom with 2 kids below 7 years old with lots of chores waiting to be completed in the house, your typical day usually is chaotic. With all the laundry that has piled up, clutter and toys all over the house, meals needing to be prepared, kids waiting to be helped, the list can be endless. My days can really drain me and it seems that life is just moving along.

After reading 5 Simple Things, it seems like I was given a guide how to declutter my life. Organize my day and make it more productive. It allowed me to do a lot of reflection on my daily activities. Make sure that I am doing what really matters.

5 Simple Things challenges the reader to thank, do, reach out, believe and love. I was challenged to the following for the next 30 days.
List down 5 things to be thankful for, 4 things to be accomplished for the day, 3 people to reach out to in order to build relationships with, 2 things to strengthen your faith and 1 random act of kindness.

As I did the challenges, I was surprised to note that I became more thankful for little things and I also became conscious of how I use my time. I also became more optimistic since I was able to finish more goals daily, whether big or small. Even if I don't usually go out to meet with people, I am glad that I am more intentional in building relationships with others so that I can bless and encourage them. Reading the Bible and praying to God are the 2 definite ways that strengthen my faith. Praying for others and being sensitive to other's needs are some ways that we can show random acts of kindness.

So if you want to get pass the clutter and complexity of life, take the 5 Simple Things challenge now.


Missus Cee said...

i follow :) Happy to see Christians on blogoworld :)