Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Need A New Car!

Our car is almost 9 year old and really needs a check up. Just recently, we have been hearing some noises whenever we drive. I hope that it is nothing serious as the holiday season is approaching and there are many family gatherings we need to go to. It would be really difficult to have the car break down right now. Besides, we still don't have enough capital to buy a new one right now.

But it is my wish that we would be able to purchase a new car by next year! Along with new car mats, new seat covers and new gadgets in the car. It would be less of a headache for us if we can get that new car. If the new accessories would be custom made for us, it would even be better! We won't really need too much interior styling. I think I only want personalized car floor mats but that's just about it. Though it would be nice to have the car exteriors enchanced.

Browing through online automotive accesories superstore is keeping me and hubby excited! We are truly praying for this need of ours, since we dont only use it for personal use but also for hubby's visitations.