Friday, March 12, 2010

Books for 6 Year Olds

I used to love reading books, in fact, I used to read books in a very fast pace. Well, that was before I gave birth to my kids. Since I gave birth, I noticed that I read books at a slower pace and I can hardly finish a book. I don’t know if I became disoriented? Or too busy? Anyway, now that my kids are no longer infants, I want to go back to reading books. Aside from blog hopping, I want to establish a good habit of reading books as my past time. I know that my kids watch me and how I handle books will have a big influence on them as well. Right now, I am glad that my eldest, who is 6, loves to read. She is reading magic tree house for the past few days... I know that it has an impact on my son, who is 3 years old. He loves to imitate his sister so he tries and pretends to read as well.

Before checking out the free software download for Windows, I am checking out good books for my 6 year old, I realized that our library of books is no longer suitable for her as most of it are books with one word and she has been reading it for the longest time. Do you have any suggestions?