Monday, November 2, 2009

Pixel Bug Weekend #7


We were hit by another typhoon this weekend and this time, Laguna was hit bad by the typhoon.
We were awake by 230am Saturday. The wind was strong that we couldn't sleep. My daughter was afraid of the strong wind because it sounded like our roof was going to fly away anytime. By 330am, the power was out. The rains were intermittent but the wind continued until around 6 or 7 in the morning.

When we went out this is what we saw one side of our roof!
The other side was also damaged.. :(

And we saw the trees and the destruction everywhere...

Even the Starbucks signage wasn't spared.

Hopefully, our next weekend will be better...

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darly said...

We saw nga in the news, Laguna is badly hit. Even our house in Cavite, muntik na madala ng hangin yung gutter ng roof namin.

Lets always pray for God's protection and guidance.

God bless always.

SASSY MOM said...

The winds was really something last Saturday... A lot of trees in the park in front of our house were also broken. But i guess it was much stronger there. It was also brownout at our place from 6:30am to 3pm.

Let's just continue to pray that we will always be protected.

Thanks for joining Pixelbug Weekend

anne said...

Yes we heard it in the news I am not sure where is this place that 7 people died? Hubby just told me that. Anyway, I hope you will have a good weekend next week, mine is up I hope you can visit thanks

Chatty said...

I hope your entire family is safe. I also couldn't sleep well last Friday night to Saturday mid-morning. I could hear the wind banging through our windows. Stay safe and God bless!

Mauie Flores said...

We were in Santa Rosa this weekend. Grabe nga ang destruction, traffic sa may Toyota because of the electric posts that toppled down.

here's my first Pixelbug Weekend entry:

Kero said...

sights like this are common in Batanes after a typhoon. mostly, you could even hear the strong wind whistling. i'm glad it did not do further damage beyond your roof.

my entry is here

Jac said...

grabe ang lakas nung typhoon..I'm glad that the entire family is safe. God bless Chris!!

kamz said...

oh no! another typhoon! i'm sorry about the damage to your home but im glad you and your family are safe ate chris.

God bless you always. be safe.

Unknown said...

That typhoon is really a menace to our country. Sorry about the damages Chris. Thanks for sharing,

Mine is up now.

Denise said...

Glad your family is safe.

Seiko said...

Buti na lang hidni masyadong grabe ang naging damaged ng bahay nyo compare sa sinalanta ng Ondoy.Praise God pa rin.

Mylene said...

I've only seen the damages of Typhoon Santi on the news. I was even thinking that Santi is not so bad because I didn't even feel in our place. But when I've watched the news, grabe pala ang danyos :(

Just look on the brighter side na bubong lng ung nasira sa inyo. Thank God that you are all safe.

Because of the picture, nalaman kong malaki pala ang bahay nyo :)