Monday, November 9, 2009

It Can Really Make or Break Your Day!

Make or Break by Pehpot is one of the blogs I really enjoy reading. My day is not complete without visiting Make or Break! Her OC-ness has allowed her to create a schedule for her posts which I find very helpful and admirable. Her creative juices in writing her posts are what I like best in her site. She never seems to run out of ideas. Just like her recent episodes of A Day in My Blog. I loved how she created posts which make the text become more interesting to read! Just like watching your favourite daily talk show! I have been blessed to be an invited guest today too!

Her followers in blogsphere has been waiting for her one and only baby girl Sati to arrive... and I was glad that as I made my regular visit to her site today, I found out that Sati has finally arrived! She is so pretty! I think she is one of the most awaited babies in blogsphere since all her ninangs have been eagerly waiting for her birth!

It is no wonder that she won THE PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS 2009 FOR FAMILY AND LIVING!! I am truly grateful that I am privileged enough to meet her here on blogsphere!


Denise said...

Congrats to your friend.

Seiko said...

'though I din't visit Make or Break constantly,I totally agree on what you'd posted in here about her blog & her well being.
I was really surprised too when she broke the news that Satis finally arrived & hurriedly visit her blog at early on this morning... I am just one of a proud god mother of Sati.:D