Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Girls Rule!

Every Thursday, Girl’s Talk is on most bloggers posts! We talk about our favorite girls stuff weekly. The pat weeks we have posted about our favorite bags, shoes, accessories, drinks and chocolates. It is such a fun way to meet other bloggers out there and share another side of ourselves! So, who is the brain behind Girl’s Talk? She is no other than Niko of Girls Rule! So, who is Niko? Let’s see. Niko described herself as a father’s girl as she has mentioned in her post. This post of hers was one of the most heartfelt posts I have read from her. Niko is also the loving mother of Yena and the loving wife of Yobib.

Girls Rule is one of Niko’s many blogs. I am amazed at how she manages to update all her 5 blogs, work full time and have time for her family too! Amazing, isn’t she? She will be celebrating her birthday this November 22 and she has written down her birthday wish! She wants her blog to be followed, subscribe as a reader to her blog and add her blog as a technorati favorite. Such simple tasks which can make her happy on her upcoming 28th birthday!


Curious Minds said...

wow! daming links ha? hehe