Monday, January 24, 2011

The Technology Around Us

Technology has really evolved in the way we communicate with one another and even the way we work. Social media has made people more connected and updated with one another. We are more global that we have ever been. Distance is no longer an issue with the internet and moboe phones around us.

Thus, fast network connection is a must in offices and even in schools and homes. We can now connect to the network faster if we have reliable cat-5 cable on our workstations. We can also connect our computers to our hi definition TV sets using DVI to HDMI cables. Now isn't that interesting that machines are now working together and being used simultaneously? We can be working on our computers and showing our outputs or presentations using our TV sets. I am not a very technical person when it comes to cables and stuff but the HDMI cables are known to be high quality cables and can be used to send signals from HDMI to DVI too.

With all these technology in hand, we should be all the more inspired to work! Let us not take for granted the technological blessings God has given us. Let us all work hard and help one another achieve our goals.


More Than Words said...

Yes, good point!!! I don't realize how much I depend on that technology until something stops working!