Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year Thoughts

The new year always brings new hope... for some of us, it is a chance to do things better while for others it may be about new plans and pursuing new dreams. But for most of us, the passion to do something new doesn't last the whole year through. We maybe excited for the first few months but rarely do we get to finish the tasks we have set our minds on. As life gets moving, we become busy and we lose sight of our goal. We lose our perseverance and our determination to finish what we have started.

We should commit our plans to the Lord and seek His guidance every step of the way. Even better, let us pray before we make plans so that when we create our plans for the coming year, it is aligned to the will of the Lord for our lives. This would really help us in achieving our goals.

As a new year begins, I pray that may we use this time wisely to think about our lives and our goals. Let us seek the Lord and live our lives intentionally this 2011!


Angel said...

I agree, Chris. Asking the Lord for His guidance is key if we are going to get anywhere. A good reminder for the first day of a new year. Thanks!