Monday, January 24, 2011

Be An Encourager!

I am joining this week's project from Fixing Your Heart on Titus 2 from At The Well. We are already on project 4. Our project this week is to be an encourager. This is something that I really love doing though I often forget to do it! So this week, I am intentionally going to be an encourager!

Here are some suggestions :

to share your words with someone as an encouragement. Send a card to someone. Write a letter. Send a quick e-mail sharing your gratitude. Call someone just to say, “Hi.”

This week, be intentional each day and choose to lift up a woman in your life (daughter, sister, mother, friend, neighbor, etc…).


Pat said...

I hope you will be encouraged this week as you seek to encourage others.

Nanna said...

Blesings to you & may you be encouraged through Gods word this week for all your needs