Monday, January 11, 2010

Tuesday Couch Potatoes : Blockbuster Movies

My pick for today's theme which is Blockbuster Movies is TITANIC. The movie was such a huge hit and I remember watching it twice or thrice on the big screen.

Rose and Jack became real popular characters and will forever be remembered by movie goers like me!

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kamz said...

This was indeed a hit among viewers. I was in college when this was first shown and I must have watched it twice then and countless times over later on. Jack and Rose will always be remembered by many of us. Celine Dion's powerful voice as she sings My Heart Will Go On reinforced the emotions in the movie.

Great pick Chris! Thanks for joining us this week. Next week, we will feature Girl Power movies. Hope to see you then. Hugs and Happy TCP!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

New LO sa inspirational blog mo Chris. Nice to back here again.

Anyway, blockbuster talaga ang movie nato, naubusan lahat ng senihan ng upuan when I watched this, I had to seat on the stairs waaaa. But its all worth it, really great movie indeed, until now I still watch it on TV. Great pick Chris.

Mine is in my worths road.

darly said...

i think this is the blockbuster movie of all time, i wonder kung natalo na siya ng Avatar.

Pero i think this is by far one of the best love story of all time.

Great muvee pick :)

Check out mine

Rossel said...

i love this movie. it was a hit. i watched this countless times.

jo.frougal said...

I agree this was the blockbuster movie of all time, and only this could possibly replace it. It's already done so in Australia.
Isn't it amazing how James Cameron could make very different movies and to have both turn out to be blockbusters worldwide? What's it like in his world??? ;)

Mys said...

It's a great movie. Fun to watch and very engaging.

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!Naalala ko ang pagpanood ko ng Titanic--sobrang siksik sa sinehan!!It was such a hit nga talaga!!