Saturday, January 30, 2010

Financial Concerns

Since January, my hubby has decided to go full-time in his being an assistant pastor in the church where we worship. He has been a part-time assistant pastor for the past year before deciding to leave the I.T. corporate world. So far, he said he is enjoying ministering to people and being able to preach God’s word to more people.

As a family, we are definitely adjusting to our financial income. It is tough but God has never failed to provide for our daily needs. Though we face new challenges, just like the recent health news we received that he is a diabetic, life gets more challenging. It is also time to teach the kids the value of money. At their young age, they are learning what it means save... and to deny themselves, to want something and not be able to buy it.

We definitely have a lot to pay for... and sometimes, I just don’t know where we will get the money to pay for our monthly bills and extra expenses. I wish I could have enrolled myself in UK debt management so that our debt with the banks won’t become any bigger.

But at the end of the day, the Lord never forgets us. We experience his goodness and faithfulness. We become living testimonies of God’s love and faithfulness.


More Than Words said...

Hi Chris. God does, and will provide for your family. He knows the sacrifice your husband is making to be in full time ministry.

kamz said...

amen to that chris. God always provides... i know that your family will be blessed a thousandfold because your hubby has chosen to serve HIM full time. just have faith, i know things will fall into place.