Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback # 39

This photo was taken in the year 2000 or late 1999.
I am with my close friends who I met at the church.
We were all from the youth group then.
2 of them are now out of the country and I don't get to see much of the other one who is left since we have moved. 3 of us are now married.
There are days that I miss them but I know that God has plans for each of us..
Thank God for Facebook :) Can easily stay in touch with them now!
Even if our lives have taken their own turns, they would always be special to me!

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Jodi said...

I remember this photo. I am the only wighty in the bunch, but I always was. It didn't matter how different I was or how much I loved to go out for a walk. we all loved each other like brothers and sisters. Only God can bring us that close, and keep us close even thought we are so far away.

Love you all

More Than Words said...

Great picture, Chris!!!

I love FB for that reason too!!!

Unknown said...

I remember this :)

Debbie Petras said...

Cute photo of the group of you! I so agree with you about Facebook. I've found so many old friends and even relatives on Facebook. It's been fun.


annies home said...

it is weird after shool years/ teen years how we all disperse into this world. Twenty + years after being out of school we still think of each and talk alot on facebook

The imPerfect Housewife said...

I'm the only human not on Facebook, but just too many things have been going on lately that are pointing me to it - this post for one!!! Ahhhh, maybe this weekend... Cute picture!! ♥

Darcie said...

Great picture to flashback too...and all the fun memories that go with it.

Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

Fabulous memories...terrific picture...thanks so much for sharing. FB? I loved it while I was on it...I still miss it.

Kat said...

I agree. Blogging has been a wonderful blessing to us to keep up with friends across the country and around the world who would otherwise lost to us.