Friday, January 1, 2010

Thank You 2009!

My Thursday 13 is about the year 2009!
2009 is a transition year for us! We decided not to hire a stay-in helper anymore and hubby decided to pursue his pastoring full time effective 2010. Lots of happenings too! Let's see some of the events...

1. Mommy Moments was born in January.
2. Hubby gave me a new camera for our anniversary!
3. Family Day of Kyla in school and Graduation and Recognition day
4. Museo Pambata Trip
5. Swimming Lessons of Kyla
6. Inspirational Insights was born on May
7. A New Template for The Mommy Journey by ms Carlota!
8. I had a guest blogger every Wednesday, it was exciting to get to know more moms!
9. Tita Cory passed away and became such an inspiration to me!
10. Hubby taught in a Parenting Seminar for the first time
11. Hubby was invited as guest speaker in's event
12. Our Ark Avilon Trip
13. Got the opportunity to meet Ms. Tintin Bersola Babao personally.

Hoping for a bright and purposeful 2010!
Happy new year to all!


Anonymous said...

You have been very busy indeed.

Lilibeth said...

I enjoyed reading about your year, and am honored to be your sister (in Christ).

Irishcoda said...

You've had a happy, productive year. Happy New Year to you & yours!

Grandma said...

It's a wonderful time for looking back. Glad your memories are such good ones. Here's to many more in the coming years

I am Harriet said...

What a great Wed. idea!
Happy New Year to you :)

Americanising Desi said...

In ‘The Universal Bank of God’…
God stores his blessings & deposited 365 days full of love,faith & happiness for you…
So,Enjoy spending…
Happy New Year.

I wish you...