Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday High Five : Things Needing Attention

Angela's Adventures

I can't believe its Friday once again, its time for Friday High Five!

In this meme, we get to list 5 things--- anything! So this week, my list is about the 5 things which needs to be fixed soon here in our house!
1. Roof - there is a section on our roof which needs to be replaced
2. Electrical outlet - the outlet was slightly damaged and needs to be fixed soon
3. TV Antennae - its been not giving us a clear signal recently and now that the winds are so strong ... i need to have the electrician look at it to let me know if its broken or not
4. Shower hose - needs to be replaced
5. Orchids in the garden needs to be transferred to a new wood support.

So many things to be fixed!

Happy weekend everyone!


Beth Herring said...

Did i miss a day somehow??? I thought it was Thursday - ha! Enjoyed this anyway....

Denise said...

Hope everything gets fixed.

momstheword said...

Thank you for your sweet words, my friend!

Yeah, we have some repairs around here that need doing too! But I'm kind of sticking to my Summer Cleaning Frenzy Challenge and leaving the repairs to my hubby, lol!

a49erfangirl said...

We have some things to repair too. The other day my son was watering my strawberries and I heard this rush of water in the basement. Well somewhere in the pipe going to the outside spicket the pipe burst. So when you turn on the water outside I have a spraying water mess. Pipes gotta be braised. Oh so much has to be done around here. LOL Stopping by from Harriet's Comment Challenge!