Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Thoughts for Today

There are days that I really feel the pressure of having less in terms of finances. These are the days when the bills just seemed unending, and then several things at home seem to be starting to fall apart, showing signs of being worn out and items needing to be purchased. These are the days when I want to do something but because of limited finances, I know that I have to put my plans on hold. These are the days that makes you want to re-think if you are doing what God wants you to do, but how come I feel limited and unable to do much because of limited finances?

But then, after praying, I begin to realize that these are the opportunities for God to show His favor upon me. God provides opportunities so that I can see His hand and His presence over my life. Even in the midst of uncertainty, God will show Himself to me. He may not answer my prayer the way I expect Him to, but God IS answering my prayers. He knows what is best for me and WHEN things should happen.

Peace in the midst of uncertainty because I know that Jesus is with me - that is enough blessing for me today.


Trish said...

hay naku mommy Chris, we have the same sentiments. I sometimes feel like going back to work na din kasi minsan I feel my husband's indifference because sya nga lang nagtatrabaho, kaya lang I'm thinking of my kids, too. And I don't want to go back sa dati na sobrang pagod ko working and taking care of things at home. Sometimes masama na din loob ko sa husband ko kasi parang puro money na lang ang mahalaga sa kanya. hayz.

It's only through prayer din that my mind clears and I'm strengthened. God will never abandon us and will always guide us, mommy Chris. :)