Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dating Tips From Parents

Dating is an important subject that parents must discuss with their kids. I believe that parents should be the primary influence in a child's life therefore while they are young, we need to be able to tell teach them about important issues in life such as dating. There will come a time in the child's life when she or he will wonder about first date ideas. I think it would be great if parents and the child have an open communication so that the child can ask any sort of question she or he might have about first dates. It is important that the parents do not dismiss the questions because the child is really curious and wants to share a sensitive topic in his or her life.

The parent could share some dating experiences and give some real life scenarios about dos and donts when going on dates. If the parent isn't sure where to start, they can discuss a movie they have recently seen about dating and relationships. The can even surf the net together to look at top dating sites.

Teaching our children about the dating and relationships is integral because there will come a time when the child will decide by himself or herself who they want to be with. As parents, we can only support their decisions and stand by them when the time comes. I believe it is better to be proactive than be reactive.


nbs_09 said...

I couldn't agree more..
I think if parents are like these then kids won't hesitate to open
about issues concerning love and relationship, thereby giving parents the chance to supervise their kids..

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