Monday, August 15, 2011

Letters and Cards

When I was younger, one of my treasures were the letters and cards I have received from friends, siblings and relatives. As I re-read those letters earlier today, I realized how important sending out cards and letters can be. It can bring encouragement, inspiration and love to another person's heart. While some letters can also bring memories of heartaches and pain, but it can also affirm how you have matured and grown from your experiences.

I was blessed by reading all those notes today at my parent's place. I had to do some cleaning up so I had to let go of them. I didn't get to keep all of them, but they will forever be etched in my memory and in heart.



Ruth said...

Same here, Chris. I treasure letters and cards which are now rare these days of high-technology.I still have some letters/cards from old friends. When I was younger then, i love rereading letters from crushes and suitors. I got rid of those when i got married and kept only the the love-letters from my husband :-) I know they will someday be treasured by my children and grandchildren.
thanks for sharing beautiful thoughts today.

Chubskulit Rose said...

We're on the same boat Raya and Chris. I am also sentimental like that, I keep everything. I even shoed hubby some old love letter when we first met hahaha. I burned all the old ones though, I close those chapter already and opened a new one.

Lalah said...

Can I say me too? I love writing, sending and receiving letters. I even still have them and I read them when in my lone time :)

Chie Wilks said...

i started keeping cards at 20 na..when i started having intimate relationship with my other half. he likes sending cards kasi and i am so glad i kept kasi now that he's not with me i can read his heart anytime

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Verna Luga said...

so sad all of my collections were left at my mom house.. I used to collect little stationaries too before along with letters and cards... nostalgic.. was here Chris for nostalgia... see you.