Saturday, June 19, 2010

When Purchasing A Car

When we purchased our first car ever in 2002, we were really excited. We thought of getting a hatchback type of car like scion xd. But after looking around, hubby was keen on purchasing cars as sleek as the bmw 6 series. If you ask me, I think suburu forester models are nice! They are a crossover between station wagons and sedans. Hubby also thought of getting cars which looked elegant like mini clubman.

But in the end, we weighed our options before making a decision. We listed down the criteria which we thought were important when purchasing a car. We wanted a car which has parts which are readily replaceable, we wanted to make sure we have heard good reviews as well. And of course, we wanted to a trusted brand when it comes to vehicles.

Purchasing a car for the family is also a very important and tough decision to make but if we study our options well, I am sure we can get the best car for our family!