Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We've Started!

We have started homeschooling yesterday, it has been an exciting journey so far... Kyla said that she enjoyed and she even told me that I teach good. I am glad that she has taken the beginning of this journey positively. I believe I can be more prepared so I got to adjust some more. I am learning a lot about time management and balancing my day.


Sherry said...

sis no such as homeshooling here :(

Mrs. M said...

Hi Cris!
I'm glad to hear you finally started homeschooling your DD. God bless your family in this exciting journey. I've been doing this for 10 years. There are ups and downs but I would still choose the same path if had to choose again :-)

Lalaine said...

Hi!wow! I will be starting (homeschooling) 2 weeks from now pa.. hindi pa dumating materials namin.. may I know what materials you're using?

Unknown said...

We started homeschooling last week too!! Really glad to hears lots of Pinay mommies doing such! Can we trade notes? What program are you using?