Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fescue Grass: The Best Choice for your Lawn

If you are looking for an all-purpose grass that thrives in a variety of climates, fescue grass is a perfect choice. Originating in Europe, fescue grass thrives in temperate climates but can flourish in almost any climate. Fescue grass is famous for its durability, growing in both shade and direct sunlight. This robust, tall-grain grass is also ideal for pasturing and for ornamental landscaping. Fescue grass can last for days without being watered and is sustainable for extended periods of drought, often retaining its moisture for weeks, restoring its natural beauty after a few hours of watering.

Fescue includes a variety of sub-breeds that are often sold together as seed blends. Popular seed blends include Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass, however inter-species seed blending is popular as well. Fescue grass includes many varieties such as tall fescue, creeping red, and hard fescue. While there are a variety of seed blends and sub-breeds all fescue varieties grow extremely well in the shade, stay green all year, and are resistant to drought.

Tall fescue is split into two categories: old and new. Old tall fescue is a great choice for pasturelands, while new tall fescue is an ideal choice for lawns. New fescue differs from old fescue in blade structure, disease resistance, and mowing capabilities. Old fescue is easy to plant and forget about, being hardy and resistant to drought. Red creeping fescue grows quickly and can act as a gorgeous lawn cover while the other seeds in the blend are growing in. Hard fescue stays the greenest all year and requires little watering or maintenance.

Whatever breed you choose to go with fescue grass is a sure bet to a gorgeous, thick lawn that stays green all year.