Friday, December 4, 2009

Political Issues Online

With the end of the recent filing of candidacy of the candidates for the national and local elections on 2010, people are now hungry for more information on the different candidates. The local TV stations have created their own question and answer type of programs for the presidential candidates. Many people have tuned in to these programs but it is not enough to know the candidates in-depth.

The internet has allowed people to be connected through social networking sites and the people to voice out their opinions. It is a great idea that a site like has surfaced! It is the first Philippine socio-political networking site which is geared towards voter education and its a site where voters can interact personally with the candidates. There are different political issues being address on the political forum. operates under the network of, the Philippines’ first rich media service portal. The site is in close partnership with COMELEC, PPCRV and Youth Vote Philippines.

I have registered and checked out the forum. It is divided into different categories already which allow one to post their questions easily. I posted a question regarding healthcare in the Philippines. I hope that the presidentiables would find time to respond to the question.

Joining such a site also allows me to see what other people from the other parts of the Philippines are saying about the different issues in the Philippines. It gives me a broader view of our country’s true state. And this will help me in deciding who to vote for in the coming elections.