Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally, a Godmother!

For the longest time, no one is getting me as a "godmother" of their child... but I was really surprised and honored that Pehpot of Make or Break got me as one of the "ninangs" of her little girl, Sati. The baptismal happened on Sunday December 27. I missed the event as there was a conflict in my schedule since Sundays are church days and hubby being assistant pastor can't miss the worship service :( I don't drive so that explains why I wasn't able to attend... after seeing their pictures, I wish I was there too... now, I want to make up by giving Sati a gift. I need some suggestions, what should I send Sati?


pehpot said...

ano ka ba marce, you don't have to send anything no.. It's enough for me na pumayag ka maging ninang ni Sati. I have high respect for kaya I asked you to be one of her ninang. I knew you would be a great influence to her.