Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday # 5

Blessed to be free! Free from bondage of sin and free to worship Him. Free to read His Word and share His Word with others! I am overwhelmed by what Christ has done for me, for the freedom that He has purchased for me. I am no longer a slave to sinful thoughts and sinful lifestyle... I have been bought. Thank You Lord, for setting me free... I am overwhelmed. You are awesome!

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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More Than Words said...

Chris...that was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Amen for our new lives in Christ Jesus!!!!!!!!

Laureen said...


momstheword said...

Amen, Chris. I am so thankful for my freedom too!

I am heading out the door here, but yes, that woould be fun to do. Let me know when!

Seiko said...

Thank you always for sharing good words to us Mommy Chris,the reason why I wanted to visit here again & again.
And 'm so thankful for my freedom too!
God Bless!Have a Blessed Friday to you & your family!Hugs!