Monday, July 20, 2009

Making Your Home Sing : Helping In The House

Making your home sing Mondays

Being the mom, your kids expect you to know where the toys, things, books or anything they need. I don't like clutter. And it really annoys me whenever I can't find something. So how do I make my home sing? I try to organize their toys. Since I have one boy and one girl, I try my best to classify their toys. I put all toys belonging to my little girl in her own box and the toys of my boy in his own box. Then I also encourage both children to keep their toys when they are finished playing. I ask them to help mommy to tidy up. It can be quite challenging. But I really think that it would be good discipline to start training the kids with little household tasks such as keeping their toys. So hopefully, as they grow, they would carry this habit.

How about you? How do you teach or encourage your kids to help in the house?


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Chris! I have a boy and a girl too but am not as organised as you and just put all the toys in together in a toy unit! It is a good thing to instill in them though. We are kind of training them aren't we and hopefully these are habits that continue as they grow!

khaye said...

hay that's good idea for our kids but i have 1 boy 10 yr/old. old enough to help cleaning up his mess. we teach him that way for his own good

Seiko said...

I have 5 grown up fine lady's,we put the toys in together in their play room & teached them how to value those & so they did.

momstheword said...

Great post, Chris. You will be glad later that you did this!

My husband and I always thought that having the kids do chores and picking up after themselves was a great way to teach them a work ethic!

Thank you for linking up today!

Denise said...

Nice post.