Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are You Engaged?

I am a regular reader of At The Well. It's At The Well Gathering every Monday has been one of the very first meme I joined over the blogsphere. I have learned a lot from other Christian moms and met some great blogger friends too.

Today's topic is about raising our children. I invite you to check out the post. The title of the article written by Michelle is "Are You Engaged?" Here are her questions...
"Are your mind and heart seemingly disengaged in your role as Mama?

Do you hustle and bustle through your busy day sometimes never even looking into each of your children's eyes?

Are you busy "keeping your home" and all that that involves that you, many days miss the very little ones you are called to love and disciple?

Do you often get to the end of the day and feel like something was missing?"

As I was reading this post, I knew this post was speaking to me. I am a SAHM and I take care of the kids, but sometimes, blogging has taken away my concentration and being "engaged" to them. I hear them but I don't really listen to them. I play with them but sometimes, my mind is not with them. I am quite ashamed.

God has been dealing with me with this, and I am glad that He has brought it to my attention before it is too late. I would have to intentional turn off the computer so I can spend time with my kids. The reason I wanted to be SAHM was to be with them and be part of their world as they grow up. I can't risk losing it.

Now, as Michelle has written... I am going to "call my little ones over right now, get on my knees, look into their eyes, give them the gift of a mama who is engaged!"