Monday, July 27, 2009

At the Well - A Family Vision

Today's gathering at the well is written by Chelsey. She posted the following questions for us to ponder upon:

Do you have a family vision?

Why does having a family vision matter?

If you have not considered having a family vision, what are some steps you can take towards it?

This reminds me that as husband and wife, hubby and I have created a vision for our marriage 7 years ago... a year after we got married. We attended a marriage seminar which encouraged us to create a vision for our partners and our marriage. I am sharing our vision to you.

Its been a long while, since we have revisited this together. Today's post reminded me to look back and check on where our family is headed. So far, God has answered my vision for hubby. He is now a pastor (though I didnt know then that my vision for him was to be a pastor, I just prayed 1 Timothy 3 for him). As for our marriage, so far so good. All we want is that God be glorified in our lives and in our family.

So, I encourage you, to also pray for your spouse and your family. God hears our prayers. He is alive.


Joyfull said...

Thank you for sharing your marriage vision today. It is always a blessing to refresh our vision and revisit our purposes. Blessings to you today!