Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Words Monday : 1 John 4:19

A new week has begun! I am joining Moving Words Monday again today! It is a meme where you can share inspiring stories, inspiring words taken from the Bible, inspirational proverbs and quotes. It is a meme that helps us get a dose of inspiration to start our week right.

(image source: Heartlight)

It is God who loved us first. He loved us even when we weren't looking at Him. He loved us when we were rude to one another. He loved us when we lied and didn't care. He loved us when we didn't even bother thanking Him for the blessings we received. He loved us first.


Unknown said...

HE loves us unconditionally!

see yah!

HeARTworks said...


Trish said...

love this verse, mommy Chris. thanks for sharing this at MWM. :)

May said...

No truer words, Chris. Beautiful. Have a blessed weekend. And don't forget Colorful Weekend too! :D