Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grace Found Me by Grace Chong

Moms like me are always busy, especially now that another school year is about to begin. Everyday it seems like we are on a rush to get chores accomplished. Our schedule is packed from preparing the kids for school, doing household chores, accomplishing our part time work and fulling our roles as moms and wives. Because our roles are important in the house, it is imperative to find a quiet time to spend alone with God. It is in this time of solitude and prayer that we can be refreshed by the Word of God. Grace Found Me : 365 Thoughts for Busy Women, a daily devotional book by Grace Chong, can be a good companion during your quiet moments of reflection. Be inspired daily by short snippets from the author, a short prayer and a Bible verse to reflect on. Be reminded that God has given you all that you would need for a productive day. He has bestowed grace upon grace in every area of your life. This is definitely a perfect gift to moms who need a breather!

Grace Found Me : 365 Thoughts for Busy Women is published by OMF Literature Inc.

Note: I am not compensated for this review.