Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Internet Flashback

Ever since I started to use the internet in 1995, I have already been using it for research work. I was still in college back then and there were tons of research work that needs to be done. I wasn't even aware if ppc agency and other internet marketing were established back then. What I remember was that my home page was set to open on my favorite search engine and I always logged in to a BBS forum which were still DOS based. I chatted with online friends until midnight. I also remember logging into mIRC and other chat rooms daily. Then came along Yahoo Messenger, it was a Windows based chat application and later on, Friendster came. I remember that it was so much fun connecting with old friends and new friends. Checking out photos and being reunited with long lost classmates and friends. Of course, we all know how Facebook followed and then I became interested in blogging. And then, Twitter.

Well, my life is no longer the same without internet connection. If you ask me to choose between cable connection and internet connection, I would definitely choose internet connection. Actually, we don't have cable connection here at home since we moved here but we have internet connection for more than 2 years now.

Technology has truly shaped our lives. How has it changed yours?