Sunday, April 3, 2011

House Renovations

Before we moved to this house 6 years ago, we had the house renovated a little. Well, not really the whole house, only the flooring and the tiles in both bathrooms and and the kitchen. We had limited cash at that time. After 6 years of living here, we haven't done any repainting or renovations yet. But I hope that in the next 2 years, we would be able to do some renovations. We definitely need to save up!

We would want to have the house repainted inside and outside. Install hardwood floor would be something we might consider but I think it would be better if we can extend our house. This would allow us to have a bigger kitchen and bigger room downstairs. Probably we can also use the garden space we have at the sides of the house. Since this space is hardly used, maybe we can extend the sides of our house to make it more spacious. I hope that there will be a segregated laundry area at the back or at the sides. The rooms upstairs would also be extended and the cabinets would be added. My husband mentioned that he wanted the roof raised and I would agree with him. This would make the rooms more spacious too.

We don't really want to move to a bigger house but we think that renovating our current one would make it nicer and more spacious! This is definitely something we hope to achieve together before our kids grow up to be teenagers!


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