Thursday, December 23, 2010

Karaoke Thoughts

Just the other night, we attended a Christmas party and they brought a karaoke machine to the party. Filipinos love singing and music for karaoke is usually part of a celebration. Whether it is for a simple gathering or a birthday party or a Christmas party. Singing by the attendees of a party is already a standard in holding successful and entertaining parties. And Karaoke singing is accepted in any social class, whether you are from the upper class to the middle class to the lower class of the society.

I am not really a fan of Karaoke. Maybe because I don't really like singing in public anymore. I used to sing when I was in high school until I was in early college but I just stopped singing in public. Anyway, I wondered if Karaoke singing was only popular in the Philippines, but I was surprised when I looked for Karaoke on Wikipedia, I noticed that Karaoke singing is also popular in other Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea. They are sometimes more known as
"karaoke boxes". In North America and Europe, private Karaoke rooms are more common in Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I think these places are populated with many Filipinos and therefore could be a reason why Karaoke is becoming famous in these places.