Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Couch Potatoes : For the Love of Nature

I am not exactly sure what movie to post... it is supposed to be about nature, but I am not sure if my picks are appropriate...I have Madagascar in mind, also Homeward Bound and Dante's Peak... since I can't decide which one.. those 3 are my picks for this week!

note: sorry for short post this week, my daughter is still sick..

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kamz said...

hi marce chris, i am so sorry to hear about kyla getting sick. kawawa talaga ang bata pag inaatake ng asthma. hope she will get better soon! and i appreciate you taking the time to post your entry this week. i guess the movies you featured still qualify. it still has an environmental theme to it in a way.

thanks for joining us this week ha. next week, we will feature movies with the theme: for the love of family.

btw, i just posted my dvd giveaway update.

till next week, take care and happy tcp!

Unknown said...

Visiting you TCP Chris. I enjoyed watchingthis madagascar. Its hilarious.

Uy sick pala si Kyla girl hope she will feel better soon.

Seiko said...

This is a good movie,we love this movie but i haven't seen Dante's Peak.

Hope magaling na si Kyla.Warm hugs!God Bless & Happy Sunday Marce!