Friday, February 12, 2010

Just In Time!

As a family, we are adjusting financially and sometimes, there are unexpected expenses. Just like my daughter's recent asthma attack and my hubby's diabetes. But God has proved to us his faithfulness... He provided us with finances that would help us pay for the medicines... just in time!

It is inspiring and encouraging to know that God REALLY provides for our daily needs. Even with simple things like when I ran out of soap and my mom suddenly gave me 6 months supply of the soap I use. Isn't God amazing?

So if you are in a tight situation right now, don't panic! Hold on... and look to God... He will always provide, JUST IN TIME!


grace said...

God can never be late... God bless

Beth Herring said...

I love how our God is an on-time God.

Love to you,

Maude Lynn said...


ceemee said...

Thanks for sharing this! God really does provide.

Seiko said...

Thank God talaga Marce!God is good all the time.

Unknown said...

What an insight. That reminds me of looking up to Him instead of focusing on the problem. Have a blessed day mummy.
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