Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Are Inspirational, Gentle Hands


Gentle Hands is a Christian social welfare agency located in Metro Manila. They rescue children who are abandoned, abused, or malnourished. They are also a licensed foster/adoption agency. To learn more about it, go to

Here are some of the recent "rescues" and "adoptions" as shown in the Gentle Hands FB page.

I am inspired that Gentle Hands is run by non-Filipino missionaries who are called by God to work here in the Philippines, to help this specific group of people. They bring hope to some of the most depressed families and children in our society.

Most of the time, we Filipinos, don't have much time to help out in our community, much more these abandoned children. As a blogger, I have realized that we don't need to stay behind our blogs, but we can actually start to go beyond blogging. Maybe we can start to donate, or help them buy some of their needs.

Gentle Hands Current Needs List

1. Stuff for the Children and Babies
A. Daily Needs
1. Onesies baby undershirts
2. Cloth diapers
3. Receiving blankets
4. Baby wipes, baby powder, lotions
5. Diapers – size 000 – preemie pampers
6. crib sheets
7. Diaper rash creme
8. Bed sheets
9. thin blankets
10. Summer clothes

B. Bigger Needs
1. Air-conditioners X5
2. Ceiling fans X10
3. High chairs X6
4. Special Infant Cribs (6 @ P8000 each)
5. Big TV and DVD player for kids

2. Medical Stuff
A. Daily needs
1. Antibiotic ointment
2. Hydro-cortisone creme
3. Anti-fungal creme
4. Children’s Tylenol
5. Children’s Vitamins
6. Bandages
7. Gauze
8. non-stick gauze

3. Food & Personal Hygenie Items
1. canned goods of any kind
2. rice
3. milk powder for babies
4. toothbrushes and toothpaste


1. Medical Stuff
1. Nebulizer X2
2. Portable O2 machine & tank
3. O2 tank
4. Regular weigh scale
5. Microscope for labwork
6. 2-hospital beds

2. Office Stuff
1. typewriter
2. fax/copier/printer all-in-one

Hopefully, we can gather together our resources and make a difference in a child's life! Leave a comment if you are interested to join me.


More Than Words said...

So precious!!!

zoan said...

i want to help:)

jared's mum said...

count me in mommy chris, hoping what little i have to offer can be of great help to this babies...

Gen said...

My nagcollect sa US?

One Day said...

dapat ung mga loot bags na binibigay sa atin sa mga events, bigay natin sa kanila. better yet, ung mga companies na lang magbigay sa kanila directly.