Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Old Is Old?

I was tagged by Sherry.

Cathara is asking How old is old? Well, I certainly believe that you are old—when you think you are old. It is not a matter of physical age, but more of a matter of the mind. It depends on one’s perspective of things. Old is when you “feel” and “think” you are too old for a certain activity. When you no longer want to participate because of your age- that is old to me.

Hopefully, that made sense. How about you? How old is old? I’m tagging Pehpot, Kikamz, Yami, Jacris and Seiko.

Drop by Cathara Main to see mechanics of this contest too.


pehpot said...

I will grab it Chris, ayan asa draft na.. will publish it on Thursday :)

Tuesday and Thursday is for tags and awards eh..

Make or Break

Denise said...

Age is just a number, what matters is how you feel.

cathara said...

so that means youre not old yet coz you participated in my little activity:P

thanks for joining:) goodluck. im enjoying this.

thanks for subscribing too:) btw, i cant find a way to subscribe in this blog

Seiko said...

Thanks for tagging me Mommy Chris,gawin ko ito for sure.
And I agree w/ Ms.Denise,age is just's really good to be back here 've missed MM & YI here,join ako this week ha?
Thanks for droppin' by & left me good words.Missed you a lot!Smooch!

Jac said...

Thank you Chris done posting the tag here

Yami said...

Muntik ko na itong makalimutan. nagloloko kasi internet connection even my computer these past few days.

gawin ko na ito. thanks Chris. :-)